Apples: Healthy Start to Your Morning

preparing food

Did you know that apples are more efficient at waking you up in the morning than your caffeine-laden coffee? And they are a lot healthier, too! Although they’re not as glamorous as the current specialty coffee, the process of eating an apple with its crunchiness and sweet taste is a nutritious way to get your metabolism going. Your body runs better by getting some replenishment early in the day after being at rest all night. Learn more about Healthy recipe, go here.

An extra plus to eating an apple in the morning is the increased chance of weight control as it raises your metabolism early in the day when your body is most tolerant to glucose. You will benefit further because you also aren’t as hungry later in the day. Find out for further details on healthy eating right here.

But even before you eat, adapt the practice of filling your bedroom with soft light and gentle music to greet you as you awaken. This can be accomplished as simply as leaving your curtain slightly raised to allow the morning light to come in, and having an alarm clock that plays CDs from your easy-listening library of music. Give yourself a big stretch to loosen your joints and increase flexibility. Don’t jump up out of bed just yet, but rather think for a few minutes of some positive and happy things you are going to do today. Think of something nice you can do for yourself and promise yourself you will do it.

When you do get up, doing a few exercises, even 15 minutes, in the morning is always a good idea too to further limber up yourself. If you practice Yoga, do a couple of Sun Salutation routines. While in the shower, take time to enjoy the soft and warm water flushing out all the grogginess of the night. Be thankful for the clean water that you have access to, and set your shower nozzle on massage, all the while thinking positive thoughts. Use a soap or shampoo with a pleasant fragrance and inhale the sweet smells of the forest, the ocean or a flower garden.

At breakfast time, enjoy the apple already mentioned, or other fruit. Other good choices include any high-fiber cereals with skim milk, or yogurt and a piece of whole wheat toast. Breakfast is a good time to write a few notes in your journal too, sharing your thoughts about the day just past and the one about to begin.


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